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Users are expected to abide by the following policies.

1. As every UNIST student, faculty member, and on-campus staff member, who are eligible to register for account. You must not share this account with any other person for any reason. It is your responsibility to protect your account from unauthorized use. The university reserves the right to access your account to the extent necessary to investigate security breaches or other infractions of use.

2. Identify yourself clearly and accurately in computing environment. Concealing or misrepresenting your name or affiliation to mask irresponsible or offensive behavior is a serious abuse. Using identifiers or other individuals as your own constitutes fraud.

3. Accept limitations or restrictions on network resources, such as storage space, time limits, or amount of resources consumed, when requiredby the system administrator. Your use of system resources is to be consistent with the instructional, research, and administrative goals of the university.

4. Accept responsibility for your own work by learning appropriate uses of system to maintainthe integrity of what you create. Effort is made to keep private the contents of what you create, store, and send to others. However, the university does not guarantee the security of electronic files. Any attempt to circumvent system security, guess others' passwords, or in any way gain unauthorized access to network resources is forbidden. Access can be withdrawn or curtailed forthwith and without notice if there is reason to believe that the user has or may have violated this policy or applicable laws. All users, as a condition of their access to or utilization of computing environment, must agree to the above stated policy.
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